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Inject Bean instance through @Use decorator function

export declare function Use(options?: IDecoratorUseOptions): PropertyDecorator;
export declare function Use<T extends keyof IBeanRecord>(beanFullName?: T): PropertyDecorator;
  • No parameters
    • Inject through Bean Class type
  • beanFullName
    • Inject through Bean identifier
  • options: IDecoratorUseOptions
    • Injection parameters
export interface IDecoratorUseOptions {
  beanFullName?: keyof IBeanRecord;
  name?: string;
  containerScope?: ContainerScope;
  • beanFullName

    • Optional
    • Inject through Bean identifier
  • name

    • Optional
    • Inject through variable name
  • containerScope:app/ctx/new

    • Optional
    • Default: Use the value specified when the bean is defined
  • Special injection rule: If no injection parameters are specified and the type of the bean class is not specified, then the variable name is used directly to find the existing bean instance in the bean container


Inject the module's Scope object through the @UseScope decorator function, see: Module Scope


Inject the Vue Composables through the @UseComposable decorator function, see: Composables

Released under the MIT License.