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For a large system, no matter how many icons are built into the framework, it is not enough. For this purpose, Zova provides an icon engine


  1. Easy to maintain: icons can be added very conveniently
  2. Excellent performance: Taking into account both file size and download speed performance considerations. No matter how many icons are used in the system, the best balance is always maintained
  3. Asynchronous loading: All icons are loaded asynchronously on demand, using grouped files as the loading unit
  4. UI library independent: no matter which UI library is used, the same icon engine is used

Basic principles

  1. Icon group: Combine several SVG icons into one group. Each group represents an asynchronously loaded icon file
  2. Icon module: An icon module can contain multiple groups, and a system can create multiple icon modules

Icon naming convention

For ease of use, it is necessary to develop a unified icon naming convention:


For example, Zova provides an icon module home-icon, which has a group default and an icon add in the group. Then, the full name of this icon is: home-icon:default:add

Special conventions

In order to further simplify the use of icons, the following conventions have been made:

  1. Can be omitted if module name is home-icon
  2. Can be omitted if group name is default

Examples are as follows:

Full nameShort name

icon function

The typed icon name can be obtained through icon function in any bean instance, thus supporting auto-completion

iconh function

The vnode object of icon can be directly generated in any bean instance through iconh function

Use Icon

The icon engine provides a unified interface that can be used directly in any UI library

1. antdv

import { Button } from 'ant-design-vue';
<Button icon={iconh('::add')}></Button>

2. element-plus

import { ElButton } from 'element-plus';
<ElButton icon={icon('::add')}></ElButton>

3. quasar

import { QBtn } from 'quasar';
<QBtn icon={icon('::add')}></QBtn>;

4. vuetify

import { VBtn } from 'vuetify/components';
<VBtn icon={icon('::add')}></VBtn>;

Create Icon

1. Prepare icon

Place the SVG icon into the icon module's group directory. For example, the default group of module home-icon has the group directory path: src/suite/a-home/modules/home-icon/icons

2. Build icon

Executing the build through the cli command will automatically group the SVG icons into icon files

$ zova :tools:icons home-icon

Create Icon Module

In addition to the module home-icon, you can also create several new icon modules and add icons to them

Icon modules can be created through the cli command:

$ zova :create:module test-icon --template=icon --suite=a-demo

Released under the MIT License.