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Zova provides a general layout mechanism through the module home-layout. Multiple layout components can be created in the module home-layout, and you can specify which one to use in page route

System layout components

In order to achieve out-of-the-box effects, the system has two built-in layout components: empty and default:

emptyEmpty layout, generally used to display system pages such as Login
defaultThe default layout generally provides blocks such as Header, Sidebar, Footer, and Content, and page components will be displayed in the Content block
  • Custom layout components

The empty and default layout components are located in the module home-layout, and we can modify them according to business needs

Use layout components

Just specify which layout component to use in Page Route. If not specified, the default layout component will be used by default

Example: 404 page


export const routes: IModuleRoute[] = [
    path: '/:catchAll(.*)*',
    component: ErrorNotFound,
    meta: {
      absolute: true,
      layout: 'empty',

Example: General page


export const routes: IModuleRoute[] = [
  { path: 'state', component: State },
  { path: 'component', component: Component },

Released under the MIT License.