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We know that IOC(Inversion of Control) is an effective architectural design for system decoupling, and is also a supporting tool for the development of large-scale business systems

Bean Containers

Bean containers are the basic component for implementing IOC, and there are two types of bean containers in Zova:

  1. app bean container: During system initialization, a unique global bean container will be automatically created
  2. ctx bean container: When creating Vue component instances, the system will create a bean container for each of them

Bean Types

There are two types of beans in Zova:

  1. Anonymous bean: The class decorated with @Local is an anonymous bean. This type of bean is only used within the module, there is no naming conflict, and it is easy to define and use

  2. Named bean: Except for @Local, the classes decorated by the other decorator functions are named beans. Zova provides a naming convention for such beans, which can avoid naming conflicts and facilitate cross-module usage

Injection Scope

In Zova, Named Bean has three injection scopes:

  1. app: Inject in the app bean container

  2. ctx: Inject in the ctx bean container to which the current Vue component instance belongs

  3. new: Always create a new bean instance

Released under the MIT License.